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The American Alliance Casualty Company ("American Alliance") respects and understands the importance of privacy of your non-public personal information ("personal information"). In keeping with the above, please review our Privacy Policy regarding how we obtain, use and disclose such personal information.

Personal Information Collected
In order to provide the highest quality service, we may collect your personal information when you apply for insurance, obtain a quote, use any of our services including premium financing, make a claim or otherwise conduct business with American Alliance. This information may include names, addresses, telephone and cell phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, marital status, drivers license numbers, accident & ticket/citation histories, vehicle information, lien/lease holder information, banking/credit information, medical information and information regarding other insurance policies, and may be obtained from various sources, including communications with and documents, including application, provided by you, your insurance broker, consumer reporting agencies and governmental agencies. In electing to conduct business with American Alliance, you agree to the collection and the use of your personal information.

How We Use Your Personal Information
American Alliance may use your personal information to administer our insurance products, including in the application, underwriting and claim service functions. Specifically, your personal information may be used in providing you with quotes for insurance, in the issuance of your policy and the handling of claims made seeking coverage under your policy. Please note that your personal information may be used to allow us to develop, provide and/or make available better and additional products and services.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information
As permitted by law, in limited circumstances we may provide your personal information to third-parties, including:

  • Adversary insurance companies in the case of a motor vehicle accident
  • Professional Insurance Organizations including those dedicated to insurance research and the detection and prevention of fraud.
  • Actuarial, Accounting, Legal or Research Contractors/Professionals
  • State and Federal Regulatory Officials
  • Law enforcement authorities
  • Affiliated Reinsurance Companies
  • Vendors providing administrative professional services
  • Others pursuant to Subpoena or Court order
  • Affiliated Marketing and Financial Companies

In no case do we share your personal information with non-affiliated third-parties, other than as referenced above or might otherwise permitted by law.

Protecting Your Personal Information
We employ training, implement procedures and use physical and electronic safeguards in compliance with industry standards to ensure that your personal information is secure from change, misapplication or theft. We employ skilled personnel and contractors to ensure that our procedures are reviewed, and that only those people (see above) who need your information may have access. We take your privacy seriously, and are prepared to take all disciplinary action to ensure our employees and contractors comply with our policies. As unlikely as the unauthorized disclosure of your personal information might be, if we learn of an unauthorized disclosure, we pledge to timely inform you and take any necessary steps to limit/avoid any further unauthorized access to your personal information. At any time that you may suspect that your personal information has been improperly accessed or otherwise compromised, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address as below.

Viewing and Correcting Your Personal Information
You may view, access or inform us of errors in the personal information we have collected about you. Should you wish to view, access or inform us of errors, please contact us in writing at the address below. In some circumstances, we may charge a limited or reasonable administrative fee.

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change, and is available to you from any one of our representatives or on our website.

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